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Nice & Tight At Dr. Sketchy’s

Dissertation Conte Philosophique Argumentation Dr. Sketchy's Philippines presents BOUND feat. KATHERINE LI and NAWASHI SENSEI SHINOBI

Thanks to everyone who came to our last event. The Sketchy team apologizes for the last minute change in venue (even if it’s just one floor up. heehee), for the limited space and lighting which made the camera flashes a bit intrusive. Because of these conditions, a follow-up session entitled “ ReBOUND” is underway. Dr. Sketchy’s Philippines, together with Shinobi and his team, would like to give you the experience we initially intended to give you. For the art monkeys in attendance, we will be contacting you soon regarding updates on part 2! Thank you for being such trooper monkeys!!! You guys are rock!

Drudge “Shibari, more aptly known as Kinbaku, is an ancient Japanese artistic form of rope bondage that has an array of styles and uses. It is associated in style to other customary Japanese arts such as Ikebana, Sumi-e (black ink painting) and Chanoyu (the tea ceremony). Among the many uses of Shibari are dynamic living sculpture, shared meditative practice, deep relaxation for flexibility of mind and body, expression of power exchange, and intimate erotic restraint. In Shibari (the action of tying someone up) the Nawashi (rope artist) creates almost geometric patterns and shapes that delightfully contrast with the natural form and recesses of the female figure. Aesthetically, the rigidity and texture of the rope provide a contradictory aspect to a woman’s smooth skin and generous curves. The tension from the rope reinforces the softness of the body’s elegant shape: the model is the canvas, and the rope is the paint and brush. This distinction is even emphasized by the use of Junoesque models, whose shapely forms are squeezed by the ropes to create more pronounced silhouettes.”

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